Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Game day

As I was going to sleep last night, I heard Seahawks fans chanting and cheering* outside... it was early-ish - 10:30. This morning, one of the first things I heard - at 6:30 am was SEEE HAWKS!!! Seriously?? I don't care about the noise pollution as much as I care about my neighborhood being infested with idiots. I'm guessing that if I went to their neighborhoods and stood around screaming - even in mid-afternoon - they would be outraged.

But. The bars and restaurants and sports arenas where here when I moved in. I bought the package. Idiots and all. I probably should just count is as neighborhood charm. And, save for the football people, it actually is pretty charming.

* I need another word. There is nothing cheerful about their loud rants. They are more full of mean and stupid than full of cheer.

So, because of the game game, I will not be going anywhere today. (Yeah, I know, I never go anywhere anyway but still, today there is a really reason.) I think today will be laundry day. The hamper can't take any more donations so time to clean it out.

I got all of the hexagons sewn together yesterday and put the blanket on the bed to check the size. I need at least one more row on top and on side and maybe another after that. I also worked out an orderly way to finish it off. It's now too big and heavy to unfold and check where the next block should go. I folded it so that I can see and work on the edges easily. And I think I've settled on what the border will be. I'm looking forward to sleeping under it!
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