Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I recovered from my attack of whatever yesterday a lot more quickly than usual which was nice. By mid afternoon, I felt fine. I got a lot sleepier a lot earlier than usual but that was the only lingering hint.

I didn't sleep great - I kept waking up with my mouth so dry that it hurt. So I'd drink a gallon of water and then wake up because I had to pee. I should have slapped on a breathe right strip and sure will tonight.

But, all that is behind me now. It's a new day and one that is free of requirements and responsibility.

Swimming at 9 and then I think I'm going to come home and head across the street to the restaurant that opened up last Summer - Quality Athletics. When they first opened up, the menu was too weird but now they have backed up and tweaked it to be unusual but with things that look promising. There's nothing huge going on in the neighborhood today so it shouldn't be crowded.

I'm getting very close to finishing my hexagon afghan. I think I can finish putting it all together this afternoon. I may need another row of hexagons and I will want to do a border row around the whole thing. But, I'm getting close.

The Wolf of Wall Street is now on Prime Instant Video on Amazon and that could be my afternoon.
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