Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I had some kind of asthmatic attack just as I got into Fred Meyers today. I didn't realize it at first and didn't do the smart thing like duck into Starbucks and sit with a cup or coffee for a bit. I kept going and could not quit coughing and gasping for air. And then I was half way done and refused to quit. I just went really slowly and sucked down on my rescue inhaler and got my stuff and went to the car.

I skipped Trader Joes and getting gas - also on my list - and came home. Now I feel vaguely like I have a very mild case of high altitude sickness.

Happily, the next big thing on my todo list is going down to get the mail in a couple of hours. So I have lots of recovery time available.

At least I remembered to get shelf liner. It's been on my list for weeks and I keep forgetting it but now I have it and at some point this weekend, I can finally replace the waxed paper stop gap installation in the kitchen.
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