Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

One down

The Comcast website today says I owe $0.  Victory!!  The rest of my list of watch stuff is the same ... still watching.

My brother sent me something. Not a Christmas present but something geeky I think. He sent me the UPS tracking number. It was supposed to get here today but then got waylaid and now it looks like it is still possible but not assured. Curiosity is nibbling.

Good swim this morning. It was interesting to drive through the neighborhood and see the damage from last night's wind storm. We really had more, it looked like, downtown, than out where there are more trees.  Sadly, The Tree That I Hate gave the wind storm the finger and stands tall this morning. Sigh.

I think today, I'm going to run up to Ballard where there is a Fred Meyer next to (kinda) a Trader Joe's and pick up some things on my list. Nothing else really doing today so why not.  After breakfast.

I started a new audio book last night. The reader is British and he pronounces says instead of 'sez' more like 'saiz'. It rhymes more like the first syllable of daisy. It's a little annoying. I'm trying to figure out if I can get used to it or if it's going to worry the for the whole book.

I heard a piece on the reopening of the Cooper Hewitt museum on NPR this morning. I would love to see that. So much. I wouldn't mind seeing NYC again but I know I'll never do it. I could but I won't. And really I'm ok with that.

Breakfast time.
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