Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Tracking list

Usually, these days, tracking means tracking packages but lately it means following up on stuff to ensure it happens.

1. My application to start getting Social Security retirement payments. The application said to check back in 5 days. It's now been 8 business days... 'no decision has been made yet on your claim'.

2. The refund on my amended tax return. The IRS site says they got it on August 3. They told me that the normal 12 weeks is now 16. But, still no $400 check. I'll call again next week. But, I cannot imagine my calling is speeding up the process. I seem to have no recourse. If I get the 'call back in 30 days' instructions with the next call, I'll check with my CPA and make sure there isn't something else I can do.

3. Watching for official home owners association budget passage. Until the budget is passed, there's no official amount for home owners dues. But, those dues are due January 1 and it takes at least 5 days from the time I send the payment electronically until they acknowledge. This happens every year.

4. Watching for first Condo Internet bill to ensure the amount is what was promised.

5. Watching for new cable bill to ensure the amount is what was promised.

6. Watching Comcast online to ensure they don't slap more charges onto my account.

7. And making sure that the $125 e-card from Google that should arrive in 5-14 business days as promised 4 business days ago... doesn't get lost.

I feel better now that I have a list.

Today there will be swimming at 11 and then maybe a Trader Joe's stop.

We're due for a windstorm today. We're probably too close to the water - I live a block from Elliott Bay - to get the brunt of the wind and not being in a little stand alone house with fragile power lines threatened by trees... protects me but not most people. I grew up where ice storms were fairly frequent and those things are a bitch but out here, a wind storm can literally knock you off your feet. When I first moved here, I worked in the middle of town and used to walk the mile there and back every day. A couple of wind storms made walking home impossible. I could not believe wind would be that strong without it being a hurricane but ... trying to walk home was more of a Mary Poppins experience than was fun.

But today, no walking - one of the perks???? of my breathing issues.

And speaking of which. The COPD commercials on TV imply that I should feel like an elephant is sitting on my chest. I don't. Never. I feel like I can't get enough oxygen. I can get air but it's like air 'lite'. Skim air. 2%. When I swim, very infrequently, I run out of air-usually it's when I try something new. Mostly it never happens. I swim for an hour without stopping and feel fine. Until I get out of the pool and then I'm panting. I have to stop and rest or move slowly to get enough breath to get a shower and get dressed. But... no elephant!

And... I can swim which I love.

I do get coughing jags. Irritant coughing, not productive. If I start coughing while panting or gasping for air, it's a very big problem. Happily it happens seldom.

And sitting an knitting or reading or watching TV or playing on the computer... fine, just fine, not issues at all. I feel perfectly normal.

Could be soooo much worse and probably will be unless I die of something else first, but, for now, I'm very lucky to be able to do all that I can do and life a comfortable, full and fun life even with lungs I that have beat nearly to death.
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