Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


The house is sparkly clean and no one is here but me.

The Comcast place is way north of here but, assuming you don't try to go at rush hour, not a difficult drive. I had a wait of 0 minutes and Brian was nice to deal with. I have a receipt for the two cards and a receipt for the final money due. What I do not have is anything in writing saying I owe them no more. Brian said I did not owe them but my account says I owe them $137. Of course, it also shows that I have TV and Internet so I'm hoping it's just a matter of catching up.

On the up side, HBO Go now works ... on everything which is something I didn't have with Comcast. Their HBO Go worked with nearly nothing.

So... now... it is time to make some bears. All this disruption has eaten into my bear schedule and I need to make a delivery next week!
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