Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Anita was here and my freezer is full and my dinner just needs about 20 minutes of baking. I did not get my early dinner tonight because of the cable TV install guy.

His appointment was from 1-3. He got here about 2 just as Anita was leaving. He left at 4:45 when I finally figured out how to make it all work.

It started when he called, as promised, 30 minutes out. His phone has the worst connection on the planet but I did get that he was told to connect at a closet and had no idea what that meant.

When he got here, I buzzed him in and told him I'd come down and get him. He wasn't there. I took the elevator back up and there he was. Omen.

He came in and said he had to go to the building hookup. So I called the building manager who said 'sure, let me talk to him.' I did. And once the installer got on the phone he said 'oh I can find it, no problem.' WTF???

Apparently, the switch happens at the a box in the garage and he does not even touch my outlet or cable. Handy. But, then he could not figure out how to switch the Tivo from Comcast to Wave.

He spent many hours trying to figure this out. And, all the while kept pelting me with questions. He'd be poking around on TiVo and calling his office.

He was like that movie dog. His focus was about 20-30 seconds and then SQUIRREL! How much did you pay for that soundbar? How much did you pay for this condo? Do you have to mow your own grass? Did you paint the walls? How long have you lived here?

Honesttogod, he's lucky that he escaped unmaimed. Finally, he went back down to the box to recheck and I started poking around and figured out that the channels had to be reset. So I did that and it worked fine. Ditto on TiVo #2.

I had no idea where he was or how to get in touch with him... Finally he left and I finished the job. And now it's done.

All of the Comcast TV people I've ever had in this house have been way more sharp technically and socially than this guy. BUT, getting service, dealing with the head office and telephone tree (which is really a small bush) is way better than Comcast. Since installation is generally a one time deal, I'm cooler with Wave than Comcast... at least so far.

Time for dinner.
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