Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Today is Chef Anita day. She gets here about 8:45 and usually cooks until about 2:30. She makes about 12-14 meals for my freezer.  It's a luxury that I really love.  Usually by the time the monthly cook date rolls around, I've been eating my own cooking for at least a week and I'm sick of it. Last night I had a pretty boring cold cut sandwich for dinner.

Today she's cooking"

- fried pork chops and smashed potatoes (2 dinners)
- Pork paprikash with mushrooms over pasta (2 dinners)
- Sour cream Noodle Bake (3 dinners)
- braised chicken thighs with cider, apples and mustard and sauteed red cabbage (2 dinners)
- spaghetti and tiny meatballs with garlic bread (3 dinners)

Plus she'll likely leave me a few boned chicken thighs with the skin on - my special treat.


Swimming will be at 11. And then the new cable tv company comes from 1-3. My fingers are crossed that there will be no glitches with switching over but I'm mentally prepared for a scenario that something hangs up and I have to stay with Comcast. Not happy, but prepared.

Both my hands and part of my forearms have been covered with the ugly blood bruises for several weeks but are now healing with no fresh ones. It looks like they should all fade by next week. What a lovely Christmas present it would be to have regular looking hand skin for a bit.

Oh and speaking of presents today I got a tracking number from my brother. We don't exchange Christmas presents and he hasn't been to a conference in a while (he often sends me conference swag - he knows I love it). So I'm quite curious. Fun.
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