Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Cable TV - done- ish

I spent 3 and a half hours climbing telephone trees, getting info, whining and begging and deciding and booking.

Wave Broadband is way easier to get on the phone. They offered to send them their offer in email. They waved their $30 install fee (after I begged). For all the TV channels that are important to me and HBO, they will cost me $100 a month for the first year.

Comcast who told me that for all their channels including on demand and ALL premium channels, my TV bill would be $123, $80, $85 and, finally this morning, $160. I honestly have no clue which price is correct but I gotta believe it's the $160. And they refused to send me any quote in email or snail mail.

So really it wasn't that difficult a decision. Next year, when Wave's first year ends, I may well go to Comcast and get their el cheapo New Customer deal. But, I'd love to love Wave too much to want to change again.

But, as of right now, the Wave install guy is coming tomorrow. I'm not canceling Comcast until Wave is in and functioning. The sales woman said they use the same coax cable as Comcast does. ASSUMING that is correct, things should work out fine. BUT I am not going to count a single chicken until...

According to the Comcast website, there is no customer service center within 50 miles of me. Google says the one on Stone Way in North Seattle is still there. I have two cable cards to return and I'd love to take them someplace and get and pay a final bill. If all goes well tomorrow, I may give that a try on Wednesday. At a minimum, assuming they are still there, I can return the cards. Something tells me that getting a final bill and wrapping up the account financially is not going to be nearly as easy.

Still OH so grateful for options.

Edit later with extra thots: The two bills together - internet and tv - will pretty much be exactly what I was paying before - $170 a month. Which does not make me happy. However, running speedtest on my internet and seeing that needle flop all the way around... every single time... is heaven. I was paying Comcast for 30 mbps. I was getting on most days 15-20 but sometimes 1-5 with sometimes 4 or 5 outages of varying lengths every day. I am paying Condo Internet for 100 mbps and have had no outages since I put in the good router and mostly get between 85-95 mbps on my laptop which is connected by wifi.
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