Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

The good and the bad

It's been taking me longer and longer to swim my mile every day. But, today, I was back to my normal speed. Every time I touch the wall, I click my counter. When the lifeguards switch off at the 15 minute mark, I like to have 20 clicks. Today I was right on track. Nice.

So at least I have one victory for the day in the bag because I think there are a couple of failures on the horizon.

Last week when I canceled my internet with Comcast, I told the guy - Tim - 3 times that I wanted my TV service untouched. He said fine and told me it would cost me $79 and some change after all the taxes and fees. And then he turned off all the premium channels and some of the others. Basically drop me down 2 steps. And when I called yesterday, I learned this is costing me $85.

I am one of the few people in the country who actually now has a choice. There is another cable TV service I can get in this building. I'm pretty sure I can get the same channels as I had before for considerably less. BUT, I think there is a wiring problem. I'm pretty sure the other company uses phone jacks and while there are 3 phone jacks in this house there are none anywhere near the TV and no way to string the cable without having it cross a main thoroughfare and I'm not sure I'm willing to do that.

So today I'll call Wave (the Comcast alternative) and verify the wiring problem and get their price. Then I'll call Comcast and see if they will move on the price or give me my channels back.

Fun! not. But, I am very grateful for the options.

And there isn't anything else on today's agenda.

I'm making great progress on my hexagon afghan. I'm joining the hexagons a few at a time and put it on the bed yesterday to check progress. It's about 3/4ths finished. I have reached the top/bottom and sides but have hexagons yet to fill into to all four corners. And then it needs a border. It's going to be really gorgeous but whether or not it will be truly functional is still in question.
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