Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

My pizza for the cause

I had a great swim. No whackos there at all and it was not even very crowded. I got my full mile in easily.  Then onto the restaurant where my waitress, who was back today, did not even know I had cheated her. I don't know what happened but I left her a 53% tip today so at least my bases are covered. And, today was her last day. So whew.

Then it was off for pizza which is back by the pool but... the pool is next door to the high school and... the high school is where the rally/march against cops killing black men was already starting to gather and the cops were blocking off streets. And while I probably could have gotten there had I gone around the world and back, I decided that I'd donate my pizza jones to the cause and came on home.  I usually get a pizza the week before Chef Anita comes and I run out of food... I can get one next month.

I've got food here that I should eat instead anyway.

The kitchen is clean. The cat is fed. I cleaned the junk off the desk that has been bugging me for days. I am at the end of my todo list for the day. Nice.

Time now to break out the knitting and fire up the TiVo.
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