Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Since I can't remember shit, I'm going start making notes here.

I've noticed that I'm panting a lot more when I get out of the pool.  Today, I took a hit on the inhaler on my way home so I could do the stairs and walk to my condo.

Just now, the walk down to the dumpsters and back had me really panting. Another hit.

This is why I really don't go many places any more. I hate the idea of being out in public without breath.

As long as 1. I can breathe without effort while I'm sitting and doing other stuff like knitting and computing and 2. I can swim a mile, I'm not going to stress. What happens happens. I smoked a lot of cigarettes in my life and enjoy the vast majority of them.  I'm not even sure the payback now is not justified.
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