Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Laundry is all put away. Kitchen is clean. Fridge and freezer are cleaned out and organized.

And then the Social Security thing started bugging me.  I did a google search and discovered that lost confirmation number is NOT rare. Lots of links and no easy answer. And the only solution is call or go to Social Security office.

I looked all over again and then tried email.  Did a search and found there was a 'thanks for your application' email and I had taken that note and forwarded it to me with a note including the addition of the fucking confirmation number!!

I have no memory of the email or of caputuring that stupid number. And that was only last Monday. I think maybe, with decreasing storage space, I have trained my brain to instantly erase anything I write down and save somewhere.

I just need a better handle on the where shit got saved.

Time now to gather all the trash, garbage and recycling and take it down to the bins and dumpsters.
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