Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Another glorious day in retirement land

​Live Journal seems to be having a bit of a rough morning. I can relate. Yesterday, I climbed onto furniture and counters and reached and twisted and generally made my old fat body​ do things it is in no shape to do. Today I have weird aches and pains like in the calf of one leg, in the muscles surrounding my lungs, my arms... ​

​Happily the pool was cooler than usual this morning which made swimming faster and easier.​ So hurts are getting unhurted slowly.

Today's list of things to do is topped by the done laundry which someone neglected to put away. And freezer/fridge organization. I need space for Chef Anita next Tuesday. I think this time it is not that there is too much stuff but way more that it is not organized efficiently. I have 3 cartons of eggs in there but I'm pretty sure there are no more than 12 eggs... etc

On Monday, I applied for Social Security to kick in when I turn 66 in March. The online process was pretty straightforward. At the end, it spit out a page of my profile - basically all the answers I had filled in. I saved it as a PDF. This morning I went back in to check on the status and it wants a confirmation number. I got no confirmation number. None. Nowhere. I don't remember getting one and know if I did I would have saved it somewhere - Evernote, Keep, a screen shot... and I got nuthin. Sigh. I guess I'll call them next week and see about what I need to do. Buggers. At least I have plenty of time to sort it out... she says hopefully.

If my skin is nearly dying of thirst. I am really weary of having to put cream on every minute. I even got gloves for doing the dishes. And, it's only the beginning of the drying out season.

One of my neighbors across the way moved out. Several of the others have put up trees. Last year they were still moving into the building (it's apartments) so not so much decorating. The trees and other decorations are quite cheery.

Time to quit fucking around and get that laundry put away.
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