Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

While dinner cooks...

After a very good swim and a trip to Safeway where I got way more than I intended, I came home to find Amazon had delivered what I needed for my project.  But by the time I got all the groceries and my packages and mail into the house, I was in the middle of a giant breathing crisis.  It took my rescue inhaler, cold water and sitting for 15 minutes before I could even think of doing anything like putting the milk away!

(And, can I just say that top on the list of things I LOVE about cold weather is that my car water is always nice and cold and leaving the milk on the counter for an hour is no big deal at all.  I do wish the butter would stay softer.)

Once I recovered, I got to work. I organized all the wires and cables and then drew a doodle on the wall with the ethernet cable that goes from the webcam to the router.

I'm totally happy with the result.  (See that photo of the little blond headed boy and the donkey?  That's Alex, the dad in yesterday's entry about Monkey.)

Then I my network went wonky.  Roku wouldn't work and Chromecast died and then I realized I had inadvertantly unplugged the router. It's like friggin' whackamole around here.  Oh and my window shades bridge losts its mind and I had to rest the window shades... 1 by 1 (glad there are only 4).

I also spent a good bit of today working on my brother's body of tweets. I'm creating about 50 evergreen tweets with links and pictures and hastags for sprinking into Twitter randomly. He's paying a lady to Tweet now and she so does not get the point. And, clearly, never reads what she sends out. He's firing her in January and letting me do it. I'm jazzed. I can do such a good job for him and it will be fun.

Now everything is working and dinner is in the oven and whew.
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