Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Cat jail

Zoey has taken, in the mornings, to snuggling up in between me and the computer. This makes it pretty difficult to get out of bed.

But, she's going to have to move after this short entry.

I did get the router swapped out yesterday. It wasn't quite as easy as I planned but... it's done. The last bit is drawing on the wall with the ethernet cable going from the webcam to the router. The cable should be here today and the mounting bits tomorrow. The other cables and cords are now tidied up and hidden.

I had 12 outages night before last and 1 last night. (Monitored by software.) so progress. The bad router is in the Goodwill bin (sorry, person who buys it at Goodwill). It's still pretty thrilling to run a speed test and have that needle whip around.

This morning there will be swimming and then a trip to Safeway. I got myself hooked on these laundry soap packets that are the Safeway brand. And... I'm out. And Grocery Outlet is out of cat food - except in the 50 pound bad - so I'll lay in some of that. I think I'll do grocery after swim.

And that's about it for planned activities today. That I know about.
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