Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Yesterday when I swam, my arms felt like they had never done it before. It got better as I got further into my mile but it was weird. Today, however, everything was fine and dandy. Whew. I had loaded some new music on my player so that was a treat. Usually Wednesdays are crowded but not today. A treat.

Today is laundry and router. When I set up the new ISP, so I could have concurrent internet, I used a router that I had replaced because I thought it was failing. Honestly, only half of me thought it was failing, the other half blamed the issues on Comcast. Now, it's falling out now and again. I lose internet, but the new ISP's modem makes it really easy to see if it's ISP or router. And this time, it is router. So.... I need to replace it.

I'm going to try to set up the Buffalo dd-writ router using the laptop and get it identical to the failing one so I can just pull out the other and slip in the Buffalo and not have to reset everything. But, if that doesn't work, I can reset. Lordknows I've done it enough here lately to do it blindfolded.

And while that's going on, laundry. My dirty clothes hamper is bulging.

And that's the plan for today.
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