Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Fixed and not yet fixed

This morning's internets bring resolution quite nicely. I forgot to call Walgreens yesterday - a task I really do not like and today, when I logged on to gather info for the call, all was fixed! Yahoo!! Their website is semi helpful. It beats the hell out of going to the store and it's getting better every day. They now have photos of the actual pills - something other online pharmacies have been doing forever - which is really helpful. But, they still have a way to go before it's really good.

Comcast, on the other hand, was all up to date. It shows I have TV only. It does not show how much I'm paying. I have to wait until this time next month for that but at least we're making progress.

For some reason this year, I am having trouble finding a good blanket for my bed. I have Goldilocks issues. This one is not warm enough, this one is too warm. I have specific bed cover requirements. Only 1 cover - so not 2 blanket things or cover sheet plus blanket. One blanket must do the job. But, which one? I put on my last resort this morning. It's a high quality down comforter. I hate the messy look of a comforter in a duvet cover but, if it keeps me warm but not too warm, I'll deal. Tonight will tell the tale.

I have a lot of cable cleanup to do where the old router/modem set up was. It's mainly just pulling cords and cables and marking them all before I put them into storage.

There is laundry that needs doing as well but I think I'm going to do that tomorrow.

Swimming will be at 11.
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