Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

My morning so far...

I called the IRS. I was on hold for 50 minutes. Then the woman said she had to transfer me but she gave me the number to call as well (foreshadowing... she must have known I would be cut off). I waited on hold again and then the guy who got me couldn't figure out what the problem with my return was and while he conjured, the connection was severed... I called back, I waited on hold and finally the woman I got said that it was taking 16 weeks instead of 12 to process amended returns and I needed to call back in 30 days if I didn't have my refund.

They received my refund on August 3. 17+ weeks ago. But,

Then I went online and applied for Social Security. I can check on my application in 5 days.

Then I got my Comcast bill that I thought was wrong but turned out wasn't. But I called before I figured that out. And while I was already up that telephone tree, I asked her to transfer me over to the disconnect internet department.

I got a great guy - not being facetious either - who handled the job with style and grace and efficiency. A couple of weeks ago, I did a chat with Comcast to find out what my TV only bill would be and I was told $124. Today Tim told me it would be $80. That's quite a spread there. I honestly do not hate Comcast but I do think their billing is just smoke and mirrors. I fully expect my bill to be either $80 or $125 or something in between and it will take at least 2 billing cycles to find out. But, (I will be calling back for a chat if the amount come in over Tim's $80.)

He also told me I'd have internet service until midnight tonight. But I was cut off nearly immediately. That doesn't bode really well but I'm still hopeful.

So actually all this speed and data and straightforward billing and excellent support is going to save me $. Comcast internet + TV was $175. Will be $80. Condo Internet will be $60. SWEET! I'm RICH!!

And I have no more phone calls or busyness to take care of today. Yeah!!
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