Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


About half the regulars at the morning swims were MIA this morning. It was a bit chilly outside. Inside it was nice and warm and it was really a lovely swim.

I got an email last night that the lady to finds homes for my bears has found a home for her new venture. Her former agency got swallowed up by another non-profit with whom she had religious and moral differences so she quit. But she had enough loyal helpers that she started working on her own new deal. The Seattle Baby Bank was born and now has new digs. She has space in a building an easy 5 minutes from me. Very cool and whew. I was not looking forward to having to find a new bear situation. Now I don't have to!

Today I am going to call the IRS again. This is such a chore. According to their website, they received my amended tax return on August 3, and their website says I should call them and see what the hold up is. I did - a month ago and they apologized and said I'd have it in 30 days. Still nada, so I'll call again today. Joy. Not.

And in more federal excitement, today I can start the process of applying for my Social Security payments.

UPS said they delivered a box of yarn on Friday. But, I can find no evidence that they did. My Kindle Voyage keeps needing a reset which is getting tedious so I finally did a 'chat' with Amazon support and they are sending me a new one. And Walgreens is sitting on a prescription with a note saying they need to talk to me about it. This is not really their fault. Medicare makes them get permission from me over the phone before they can ship some medications. But, of course, Walgreens does nothing to make calling them an easy process. Ugh.

Zoey had taken to curling up next to me in the mornings - between me and the computer on the bed - which makes it pretty darned difficult to get up and get going with my day.
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