Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

A computing day...

The Condo Internet installer showed up 15 minutes early and was just as nice as he could be. No excuses, no badmouthing competitors, no bitching about my outlets. Just a really nice, nice guy and efficient and tidy.

I showed him the outlet and he said it looked great. Then he said he needed another outlet - a bigger one probably in a closet. I had no clue. I took him to the front room where I had, long ago, painted over the phone outlet. But, he said 'what's behind that box'?  It is a box I built and paint to cover/hide the old security system which was hidden in a closet but now that closet is my reading nook.  He popped the box off and voila. There was an outlet that I swear I do not ever remember seeing. He twisted some wires. And in 10 minutes from the time he came in the door, he had me going at 100mbps. It was amazing.

He even offered to help hooking up my router! But, I declined. I wanted to do it my way myself. So I kissed him goodbye (no, I did not) and got to work. I have now gone through so many routers and setups that honestly, I could do it in my sleep.  My usual SSID is Melmac in homage to Alf but I needed a different one to run parallel so I went with SDHQ. My 2.4 band is still suffering with what I now truly suspect is interference, probably from the neighbors, BUT, it is now down to a still pretty darned healthy 37mbps as opposed to the 2 that I get with Comcast.

Then I went around and changed the networks on the internet radios and then TiVo's and the webcam. I kind of fucked up the webcam because I wasn't thinking and had to factory reset it and start from scratch. But, again, I've fucked that up so many times that resetting and starting from scratch is kind of the norm.

The shades, the Roku, and the Fire TV all either require ethernet or work better with it. And they are all on the side of the room directly across from the Condo Internet modem... So I think, since my wireless is now good enough to work without the extender in the bedroom, I'll move it in here, and set it up over by the TV where I also have far more electrical outlets and plug those things right into it.

I spent some more time with the new Windows PC. I do not want to hook it into any Microsoft account which takes some work to avoid but I think I mostly got it done. For $200, it's a fine little machine. I will be moving the iTunes onto it and the Harmony remote setup and my swimming fit device when it gets here. What cloud stuff I need, I can use Google. I do not need it but I think it's going to be quite handy to have. Plus it's blue and pretty.

Dinner's been et and the kitchen has been cleaned. There will now be TV and knitting.
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