Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


My swim this morning was FABULOUS. I tried out the new earbuds and they are amazing. They go in nicely, stay in perfectly and give me sound AND keep water from collecting in my ear. Very cool. And I listened to the swim lady who was really interesting. She has a nice voice and there was encouraging musical beats in the background that really did affect my speed and she gave me tips all along. I think it's going to be a nice thing to have once a week or so.

Best of all the Saturday whackos were a no show! The pool wasn't nearly as crowded. The folks in my lane were considerate and polite and it was great.

Then onto the restaurant where I learned that Megan was out of town. So I could not pay her back for the tip that Discover didn't give her.  I was annoyed because were it not for paying her, I would have skipped going out to brunch today and scheduled the installer earlier. But, then, I mellowed out and discovered that the music which was way too jazzy before had a new station... and was perfect. I asked the guy who brought me my breakfast about the music and he told me "Dream Lover" station on Pandora and he had picked it. I told him that should be the Saturday regular.  Croque Toad which was great last time I had it was even better today.

Then onto the grocery store where I remembered 2 things that have been on my list forever and I keep forgetting and they had amazing looking (and I hope tasting) cole slaw.

Now I'm doing the Windows Update on the new computer. I figure it will be a year or two before it's finished. I did hook it up via ethernet so it will only take a year or two instead of a decade or two.

I need to call Amazon. My Kindle Voyage keeps needing to reset and it's getting tedius.

Zoey thinks it's pretty critical to be touching me a tall times. Just now she's perched on my knee. Trying to help me type.

The Condo Internet guy should be here in 45 mins.
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