Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

The good and the bad

I just do not have out of the water stamina. I can swim for days but only walk for minutes. I run out of air. I pant but mainly I just feel like crap. Like the worst kind of tired. Like when you are so tired you are nearly nauseous. It takes nearly nothing to get me there. It's weird and it's frustrating.

But, thankgod for buses!

I found my hamburger place and it did, indeed, deliver. It was delicious and a lovely spot to lunch. However, it turns out that apparently Canadians (Vancoverans?) have made it illegal to serve a rare or medium rare burger. Well done is it. So sad. And a real showstopper for me when I consider moving here.

I wandered around and went into a few shops before and after burger but soon ran out of steam. I found a bus and made it back to the hotel on the very last ounce of energy.

I forgot and left the 'clean later' sign on my door so my room didn't get cleaned. I figure they will be here any minute and I'll take my laptop down to the very nice lobby that also has a roaring fire going. I think I'm not going to try and go anywhere else today outside of my walk to dinner and back. I have plenty to keep me entertained here.
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