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More Canada

My dinner place that I've been jonesing for since I was last there 18 months ago was totally ingloriously closed!! Two street people were camped out in front of the door so I could not read the clearly hastily penned noticed but obviously there was going to be no dinner there. When I got back to the hotel I checked their website and their website says nothing about being closed. I just called their phone number and the message sounds like they are not closed. So Weird.

I wandered around a bit and couldn't find anything that looked good so I went back to the hotel and had a comfortable but mediocre dinner. No biggie.

Back in my room I discovered that either the wall socket or the only wallwart I brought was not functioning. All of my devices were running out of juice and fast. I finally jury rigged a system to get them all charged but the phone was still a worry as the new operating system sucks down battery like an addict and I need that phone.

And the TiVo thing kind of punked out on me but I had my book to listen to and so I did that and knitted quite contentedly and slept like a log. One of the great things about this hotel is that I can quickly and easily get the room temperature down to 65 and even open windows. Very nice.

I thought a lot about what I was going to do since walking was not an option and then with a crack and a sizzle the lightbulb went off. Busses, you idiot!!! So I did research and, sure enough, there are tons of buses going everywhere I want to go and I can get a day pass... at the 7/11 across the street!

So this morning, I woke up slowly and listened to the radio news and then got dressed and got my swimming gear and went to the 7/11. I asked the guy behind the counter if I could buy a day bus pass and he said 'Sure! You want Senior, right?'.... So I guess it's clear. I am officially and happily discountedly elderly. Not a problem for me one single bit. Just a giggled that all of the sudden I'm so recognizably old.

Then I walked on over to the street where the bus was. It was dark and I had to walk too many blocks to get to the bus stop but I got there and got on a bus and rolled 1/2 bock and saw the sign for the YMCA! Doh! Glad I got that bus pass. I got off at the next stop and backtracked back and went in.

A very nice place. Bright and clean and huge. The antithesis of the YMCA near me. And the guy behind the counter was bright and cheerful and helpful and nice (also the opposite of the behind the counter and my dark/dingy/dirty/surly Y). When I sent an email asking way back when, I was told it was $16 for a day pass. But Mr. Nice And Friendly, told me the first day pass is FREE! Nice.

The locker room was also big and bright and clean and full of mirrors and whatever you could possibly want including a bar of hairdryers. The pool was very very very nice. It's a variable depth pool which today was set at 2.15 meters. It seemed a little longer than my pool. I asked the lifeguard how long it was and she said a little over 23 meters. (My pool is 25 yards.) Like any good American I got totally metrically cornfused. I swam 73 lengths in about an hour and 10 minutes. So I'm calling it good. It was a really good swim. I got out and was panting. The water pressure in the shower nearly required a seat belt. Wow. All in all, a fabulous experience and worth the trip on its own.

The walk back to the hotel was pretty easy but the incline was going in my favor. I also saw the bus stop I had missed in the dark. I stopped back into that 7/11 and bought their last USB wall charger (which will join the 4,898 I have at home...arugh. I thought about tossing in a spare but forgot). Turned out to be the perfect ticket. My phone is now charging up like it's training for the charging Olympics! "1 min, 12 seconds until full".

Plus on the way home I saw a nice little tappas place which looks perfect for dinner tonight and it's just a block from the place I want not to be closed so I can go double check and then have a very viable Plan B. I also have a Plan C which is a bus ride away. Did I mention I have a bus pass???

But, speaking of food. Swimming ate my breakfast. By the time I got back here, the giant breakfast spread they put out here was over. Sigh. Just as well. I'm going to make it an early lunch - I have my eye on a burger and I know just the bus to get me there.

As captivating as this travel rendition is, pink_halen has some serious travel journaling going on. They are cruising around east Africa. And he adds cool pictures.
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