Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

I am in a different country!

I'm here... in Canada... And all is fine and dandy.

I got to the bus and the crowd had formed the bus driver was telling everyone they would board in 10 minutes. I started to walk to the end of the line but she said "Oh, I'll board you now, honey." Not one to look a gift horse in the dentures, I handed her my boarding pass and enhanced drivers license and climbed aboard to claim a lovey window seat. I was close enough to the front to hear her explain that she was boarding the elderly... I giggled and enjoyed my elderly-ness.

The 4 hour ride was 3 and a half hours. It was kind of cramped for the first two but then we dumped a bunch of people and it was nice and roomy. I did some crochet and listened to my audio book. It was really lovely.

In Vancouver it was a very doable walk over to the skytrain. I used my Canadian money to get a ticket and found the train and took it the 2 stops to Granville. I got off an hunted down the Best Buy which, since my phone's map was dead, wasn't all that easy but I finally found it. henare had told me to go there and buy a sim card for my phone and I wouldn't have to wander around in the dark.

The Best Buy people were beyond great. They looked at all the prices for what I wanted (basically 2 days of unlimited data) and recommended Koodo. And then told me that Koodo was the one carrier they didn't carry the sims for. But they took me out in the hallway and showed me the Koodo guy's kiosk! It was really amazing of them. And the Koodo guy was Kool. $45 for 1 gig of data. I can go to Stanley Park and watch a Netflix movie if I want. All I really want is maps and mail and browser. So I'm totally good. PLUS now I have a Koodo account and sim and next time, I can just buy more bytes on their website and slap the sim back in. Badda bee Badda bum!

Then it was on to the hotel. Which was a struggle. It's about 10 blocks from where I was but while it's not a Seattle hill, it was definitely an incline. I had to stop and rest about 4 times. I did not see any cabs but surely there must be some. Next time I will absolutely take one.

But I made it to the hotel. The lady who checked me in could not have been nicer. The pool is tiny but if I swim diagonally, it will be fine. I may well take a swim tonight after dinner.

My room is lovely. I have a little kitchen with a coffee pot and robes to wear to the pool and a big old TV and lovely bed and it's not too warm. All is perfect, in other words. Oh and the wifi is free and good enough so that I can watch watch what is on my TiVo at home if I want. Living in the future is really very amazing.

Next up is dinner. I am headed to this wonderful little spot about 4 blocks from here. They don't open until 5 and don't take reservations so I'm going to be there when they open and drink until I get a table for dinner.

So far... this adventure gets 5 out of 5 stars.
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