Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Waiting for the bus

It's really silly for me to leave here much before 45-55 minutes from now but so far today has been hurry up and wait. I even cut my swim short. Not really short... 250 yards short of my mile.

There was this hot shot woman using our lane with me and another slower swimmer. She was buzzing around hitting my feet and generally making a nuisance of herself. At one point the other slow swimmer flat out told her "There is lots of room in the faster lanes, you know." "Oh I'm just doing warm up sprints now." And she took off. Slow swimmer said, dripping with sarcasm and in plenty of time for fast swimmer to hear "Do be sure and suit yourself." It is very difficult to swim and guffaw at the same time, trust me.

I got kind of an amazing reply from Amazon. The net was that they moved my package to a Friday arrival after all but nearly more importantly to me, the wording was kind and thoughtful. "Strong customer feedback like yours helps us continue to improve." Nicely played, Amazon.

In the olden days when I traveled a good bit both for work and for pleasure, I took great pride in my ability to pack lightly and efficiently. I generally kept a small carry on ready save for clean clothes and could travel for a couple of weeks with it alone. When my Mom was alive in Charleston, SC, I kept a few things there and literally traveled with a tote bag. If there had been Kindles, I could have gotten by with a wallet and pockets!

I am spending two nights in Vancouver and the weather is very mild. But, still, I was struggling to efficiently use my backpack on wheels when I stopped. Why? Who the fuck cares? I'm going to roll it to the bus and carry a second backpack that is heavy so I'll have stuff inside the bus... So. I pulled out my overhead bag with good wheels. It holds all my stuff including by purse/backpack. And it rolls good. I'll roll it the 4 blocks to the bus, pull out my inside the bus pack and be good to go. Then restuff for maneuvering through Vancouver to my hotel. I'm spending way too much brain power on this one silly little 2 day jaunt. I've totally lost my travel mojo. Oh well.
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