Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Weird day

Not terrible but not my usual day. I spent a lot of it noodling out my brother's website. I finally have it in a state where the big stuff is fixed and the rest is just additions going forward. Maybe some php-ing if I can figure it out but mostly not.

Then I got all my trip stuff together. Then I fought the computer. Something's slow... the computer, Comcast or my router... I think it's Comcast but I can't be sure. It took an hour of screwing around but finally it's back to normal slow instead of really really slow.

Hilariously, while I was rebooting one thing or another, I missed a call from Condo Internet. They are ready to install. They are coming Saturday at 1:15. I am pretty sure that there will be some glitch that prevents my having it... A glitch with the phone jacks. I really have only one viable (due to location) option and if that one does not work ('we can't guarantee since the building is so old') so I'm prepared mentally for fail and will know Saturday.

I do need to dig out an old router so I can have wireless with Condo Internet and also with Comcast.

And then I remembered Canadian money. When my friends from New Zealand were here last Summer they had just been in Canada and left me all their Canadian cash. I put it in a baggie. I broke out that baggie today and counted it up and it's like $60.00 plus some change! Sweet... Those are some NICE house guests. Plus, I remembered that my debit card will not work in Canadian cash machines and I don't have a regular ATM card. So this cash is very good to have indeed.

It's so weird to deal in coins from other countries.

So Amazon sends my new laptop that I do NOT want until after I get back to arrive tomorrow. And, sends the next package that I really do want on Friday and chose shipping so I could get it on Friday, so that it arrives on Monday! GRRRRR. They got a Boy Am I Pissed email from me. I know they are going to be devastated when they read it.
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