Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I have been thinking about what I need to not forget to take to Vancouver tomorrow but I have not actually gathered anything together. I need tech, swim stuff and a couple of changes of clothing. My plan is to use my old backpack on wheels. I think it will hold all I need plus my purse so I will have only one thing for going and coming home.

I will have an hour tomorrow between getting home from the pool and leaving for the bus but I'd really like to be all ready so I can use that hour for coffee and remembering stuff I forgot before I leave.

So that's Plan 1 today. Plan 2 is to crack that the PHP in that template on my brother's website. I figured out a doable work around last night that I can implement if I can't get the correct PHP noodled out.

I love this Twitter/blog/website project. It's exactly the kind of thing that is easy peasy to do if you have all the time in the world, which I do. And... impossible/way back burner to do if you have a full time job and things you really need to focus on. It's way fun and satisfying for me and, hopefully, helpful to my brother.

I just checked my Discover statement to learn that Megan, the fun waitress from Saturday's brunch got $0 tip!! I left her a 28% tip and Discover, apparently, thought she didn't need it. How embarrassing. The restaurant 'followed' me on Twitter so I tweeted my apology this morning. I think she might only work there on Saturdays. I will make sure she gets that tip and more next Saturday. So glad I track that so carefully.

Swimming will be today at 11. The pool today and tomorrow and Saturday will likely either be packed to the gills with people on holidays from work or school OR will be empty til people get back in their routines. I'm sure hoping for the latter but pretty sure it will be the former. Oh well.
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