Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


The Seahawkians are gathering outside in the rain.  They are not too loud this morning. I have to keep looking out the window to make sure they are there. But, it's early yet and the rain is supposed to dry up so I suspect it will be louder soon.

I got up this morning and cleaned out the floor of one of my two bedroom closets. I found a little pile of pillowcases that I thought I'd given to Goodwill. So I hauled out the sewing machine and resized them to fit my little pillows. And then I put everything away. My hands now have even more ugly purple splotches. Fuck.

But I have more pillow cases to rotate. Nice.  I do need to make a Goodwill run soon. My hamper that I use to collect stuff is now, officially, too full for more stuff.  Maybe tomorrow.

I just realized that my Bolt Bus ticket for Vancouver has assigned boarding. They start with disabled and then A.  I have slot A02 on Wednesday and A01 coming back on Friday.  Cool.

Nearly all the leaves are off The Tree That I Hate.  Very very nice.
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