Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

which one... which one...

My 3 bags from Zappos arrived and I don't think I'll have any trouble sending 2 back... and maybe 3.  There is no clear winner. Sigh.  They all three have good points and bad.  If they were all three the same price, it might be a bit easier but the high priced one is exactly twice the price of the low priced one and the other is in the middle.

I guess I'll have to load them up with my purse stuff and laptop and see if that makes a big enough difference.  Sigh.  Right now Zoey is making a bed of the high priced one.  I don't think her choice is fair though, they were piled on top of one another and she just picked the one on top.

I am impressed that UPS is now delivering at 10 instead of 3. I suspect that's just a holiday thing but I'm ok with that.

My swim this morning was good except for the iPod lady who kept harping that my battery was low. I know from experience that it can go at least an hour after she first announces this. It's not clear to me why she feels the necessity to nag.  I do love having the music and she way more points on the pro side than the con,  so I deal.

I have a lot of little things round the house that I want to get done today and then, assuming a bag decision, I want to get the returns boxed up and to Office Depot so they can start their journey back.  Guess I'd better get started.
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