Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


On Monday I told the doctor that I had not had a bloody nose in forever. And it was true. And then I had one Monday night, Tuesday night, Wednesday night and tonight. WTF?  None were bad. All happened just after dinner and no, I am not giving up dinner.  It's just weird plus, I feel like I asked for it.  I cudda knocked on wood.

I have looked in so many nooks and crannies and cannot find that damn bluetooth earbud that Zoey hid. It's making me nuts. While I was swimming today, I thought of new places to look. When I got home, I looked. Nothing.

I made her wait this morning for her breakfast as punishment. I am sure she connected those dots.

I bought a $60 coat on QVC last week because I am nuts. I am not a QVC person but this coat is just what I wanted - reversable, fleece, short-ish with a hood.  It came today and it's pefect so Yeah!!  I can now donate my old winter coat to Goodwill. It does not have a hood and is not very warm and is orange.  Sorry, person who get it from Goodwill.

I had cheese and crackers and salami and fruit for dinner. It was darned excellent.  And went a long way towards cleaning out the fridge of a million little bits of this and that.
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