Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I woke up a bascillion times last night. I got up 3 times to pee. It was exhausting. At one point I woke up to hear Zoey batting my bluetooth earbud off the nightstand to parts now unknown. All in all, not that fun a night.

So... today it will be hunt for that tiny earbud. At least the carpet means she probably did not get it out of the bedroom. I know for sure she didn't get it out of the condo.

Before I went to bed I lost my shopping mind. I got onto Zappos. Really, making that site so easy is a crime. I bought 3 bags. I will return 2. I will return 2. I will return 2. I have no problem ordering multiple shoes and returning all or all but 1 but I'm not at all convinced that the model works for bags. I will return 2.

I will return 2 of those bags. I promise.

For some reason - I think my Canadian trip plans - has obscured Thanksgiving. I keep getting shocked when I hear that it is next week. The other day I read somewhere - no clue where - a new and refreshing take on early signs of Christmas. I am not a big Christmas person but the older I get the less annoyed by all of it I get. I totally understand people who love Christmas and love everything about it. It does not hurt me one bit that they get as much Christmas as long as they can stand. I like Christmas carols and I'm fine with donating retail space. So why not?

Oh! I just found out that Amazon is giving 6 months of Washington Post for free to Kindle Fire owners. Excellent! I will enjoy the heck out of that.

I love snow. Love love love it. BUT... watching the current snow piles in the east and midwest make me kind of appreciative of our ability to go anywhere anytime we want.

Today is swimming at 11 and that's about it for planned activities.
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