Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Wrong Numbers

So... today we got the actual nums for the home owner dues for next year. That made me go back and get actual nums for last year to compare...

And I was wrong - I overstated the $$.

My real estate taxes last year were $3,326.
My home owners dues last year were $6,053

So, monthly, my non-mortgage fixed homeowners costs were $781.

Next year the home owner dues go up 3% to %525 per month of $6309.52 for the year (I pay it all in January so I don't have to think about it for another year.)

And as long as I'm documenting... I pay $1,000 a month on my mortgage which carries an interest rate of 3.875%. (The actual bill is $986.07 but I round it up.) It will be paid off in 2026.


My phone finally got the update. Nice. I made a pretty successful (found what I wanted) Costco trip. Swimming was great. Good day all around.
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