Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

6 more months...

It makes no sense but whenever I get out of my doctor's office with a 'see you in six months', my little pea brain translates that to 'you have six more months of good heath'! It makes no sense but it happens every time.

Like so many old ladies, I love my doctor. And is assistant, Brenda. Today, when Brenda came out to the waiting area to get me, she greeted me like a long lost sister she'd been dying to see. It was hilarious and so nice. My blood pressure was more respectable than usual. No obstructions with my breathing. He grilled me about my new rescue inhaler and was happy that 1. it was working as designed and 2. I rarely need to use it. He gave me the pneu pneumonia vaccine. Now I've had both and both are for life. And then he said he'd see me in 6 months and sent me on my way.

And my ride home felt like a victory lap.

Before the doctor, I did my swim. The girls team that has been practicing before we swim at 6:30 am is done for the year and they have been replaced by a group of triathlon trainers. There were about 60 of them and they had been there since 5. They are going to be there Mondays and Wednesdays.

After they left, there were precious few of us today. It was kind of weird but made for a lovely swim.

Now I am home. I made and ate breakfast and started what looks to be 3 loads of laundry and fed the cat. She was screaming for canned food while I was making breakfast. She's going to be really bummed when I'm gone for 2 days. But she'll be happy when I get back.

My doctor asked me this morning if I'd been having nose bleeds and I told him, truthfully, no. And then just now, had a little one. My nose is trying to make a liar out of me???

Once I clean up the kitchen and swap out the latest laundry load, I'm going to teach myself a new way to cast on stitches for my bears. The way I do it now is fine but it's just fun to learn new things.
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