Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

?? First World Whine

I used the oven tonight and noticed how mucked up it was so, without thinking, I flipped on the self clean. It was not the first clean but it is the first clean in a few years. It's been on about an hour now and it it gets no more fumy than this, I'll be ok but if it gets worse, I could be sleeping on the terrace tonight and wake up a Popsicle tomorrow.

So last night I slept straight without interruption for 8 hours which is probably 20-30% more sleep than usual. Then this afternoon about 2:30, I couldn't keep my eyes open and slept another hour. WTF?

My hands have been soooo bruise free. But then the other day, my left hand got hit. And then today, I snagged it on the lane line. And then I hit something hard tonight when I was cleaning up the dishes. I have no clue what it was because I don't remember doing it but when I dried my hands I found a deep purple blood bruise. PHUCK. These things don't hurt, but they just look so ugly and when they finally go away, they leave a shit brown stain.

It could be way worse. I could have a painful skin condition or a horrible blood disease or a million other way worse things so I should just shut up and wear gloves.  At least, for now, my right hand looks normal - old lady normal, but normal. So I'll just keep this on in my pocket.
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