Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Sans juice

At 11:15 am my electricity died. It actually blinked a couple of times and then died.

The first thing was I noticed that I had neglected to plug the display on the Windows machine into the UPS. I'm pretty sure I have it set up to power down nicely on its own but, just in case, I plugged a display in and got enough power to power it down myself.

And then I assessed the tech situation. Everything was very nearly 100% charged. Whew. I discovered that there was an Xfinity Wifi. I connected and learned I had fairly decent 'free' wifi. Cool! For 15 minutes and then it died.

I checked the Seattle City Light's website. At least my outage was on the outage map. At that time, the cause was unknown and the ETA up time was 3 pm.  It's clearly not weather related so I figured some one dug wrong.

Now it's 1 pm. The map says the ETA is 1:55 pm (which is a weird time - why not 2??) and that the cause is basically dug wrong.

My shades were down and it took me a while to realize that the remote didn't need wifi. I found it and raised the blinds so at least I had light.  Mainly it's cold and ohhhhh so quiet.  And, of course, I'm stuck here. It might be a good time to go out and run some errands but... if I got back and we still had no juice, I couldn't get back up here.  I can no longer climb the stairs. I could get to the 2nd floor but that would be really it. But, I didn't need or want to go anywhere anyway.  AND I am so glad I was here when it happened!

I am nearly caught up on The Serial.

And... as I type this... the juice is back!!  Cool.  Yahooo!
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