Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Today started out with a very good swim. No problem people. No crowds. Two of my favorite lifeguards.

But, the trip there and home was weird. It's only a couple of miles but I kept almost hitting things/people and almost getting hit by cars and a bus. I was glad to get home safely.

Today is pretty free of anything that has to happen. My big plans are calling Comcast.

I'm getting more and more interested in speed and unlimited data and the possibility of getting a static IP.  I do not hate Comcast. I just want stuff they don't offer. I would like to keep the TV side but am very fortunate to have a choice now for cable TV as well as internet. What I want to do today is call and see what my bill will be without internet. I'm expecting the call to be difficult and I am prepared to be calm and nice and openminded and hope I get the same.

My phone and tablet are slated to be a big operating system updates any minute now. I keep hitting the 'check now' button which is silly because the minute the upgrade gets near here Twitter and Google+ will light up with entries and I'll know it's time. But, still I check every 15 mintues or so.

Otherwise, it promises to be a fine, event-free, day.
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