Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I finally turned on the heat tonight. Well, it's really just a floor fan/heater.   I have it now across the room but may have to move it closer before the winter is done.  I have baseboard electric heaters in every room but I have never used them. And I'd sure be afraid to turn them on now. There is 20 years of dust in there that would likely cause a sweet little blaze.

[Edit an hour later... This heater, across the room, is doing a fine job!! I have a thermometer next to my chair that said 67 degrees when I turned it on and now it's says 69. Excellent.]

I did get the Google user gig but since I signed the NDA, I can't talk about it. I will say it is even easier than the last one.  Nice.

I got a lovely note back from the Polyclinic in reply to my email about their welcomed digital changes.  Classy outfit all the way.

There are lots of places around here with no electricity due to all the wind storms we've been having. Trees down everywhere taking down power lines with them.  It's blowing again tonight. But my tree isn't going anywhere... sigh.

I got a good 10 hexagons added to my blanket today. If I could get 10 a day done, I actually would have it done in time to enjoy this Wingter.
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