Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Winter? Older? or just because?

On Monday I decided to put some canned cat food in a bowl for Zoey.  I haven't offered her any in a long time. She would sniff it, lick off the juice and ignore the rest. But, I still have cans in my drawers and I want the  drawer space so I figured I'd offer it up and if still no interest, I'd give it away.

She licked the bowl clean.  I had given her a third of the can. Yesterday I gave her another third. Today the same thing and each time, she licked the bowl clean.

Wild. Sorry, cat who would have gotten the food, looks like it's Zoey's after all.

My housecleaner has come and gone and made the house sparkle.

I got an email from my doctor's clinic reminding me of my appointment on Monday. Always before they have called and while I appreciate the reminder, I've always hated the calls. Email is soooooo much better. I went to their website and sent them a thank you note.

Ohhh!  Google just sent me an NDA.  Every once in a while they send me a note asking me if I'm interested in doing a user study and if so, please fill out the form. Usually that's the end of it. But yesterday I filled one out and this NDA is a gooooood indication that they picked me!  It's fascinating and fun to do and... it pays $125!
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