Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


When I came in from the pool this morning, I lowered the blinds to discourage the glare and was met by the most amazing light. The stained glass was particularly beautiful and dappled the wall as well.

It was cold enough on the way to the pool and home for me to turn on the seat warmer for the first time this Winter. While I like to breathe cold air, I love having a hot ass!

Yesterday I went here and there and ended up doing about half of what I planned. Turns out the car tire issue was a none issue. This took an hour BUT it cost me nothing and netted me peace of mind and a free car wash with vacuum!

I had stopped at Jack in the Box so while I waited I ate breakfast and started reading a book that unzeugmatic turned me on to. It's a book that David Bianculli wrote about 5 years ago about the Smothers Brothers - Dangerously Funny: The Uncensored Story of "The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour". It's fascinating.

Now my freezer is full of delicious. And this morning Amira will come make everything clean.

After the Comcast issue on Sunday, I began seeing issues with the 2.4 band on my router. I have a dual band router and the 5 band is fine but the 2.4 band gets virtually no internet. I have no idea what is interfering. The only thing I have added to the mix is a cheap toaster oven. I suspect it's my neighbors. But neither the radio or the TiVo in my bedroom are updated enough to use the 5 band.

I spent a lot of time last night downloading analyzers and fiddling with settings and getting nowhere. Finally I remembered an extender I had in the Closet Of Tech and so dragged it out and set it up in the bedroom and ahhhhhh. Both the TiVo and the radio are now way better. The radio actually gets a faux ethernet connection which makes it very happy. And TiVo had totally run out of programming so it was delighted to call home. Whew. And a victory for the Closet of Tech and hoarding.

Today I think I'm going to devote some quality time to my crochet motif blanket. I don't have enough motifs yet but I do have a whole lot that need to be joined up and I'm behind and it's cold. And if I want that sucker on this bed before Spring, I need to get on it. I did not make it to the yarn shop yesterday. When I cleared out the drawer and filled it with my yarn stashed I realized I really didn't need more ... yet.

Nothing else on the horizon for today. I need to make a grocery/ATM run but I think that can wait until tomorrow and I can do it after swim then.
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