Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


It's delightfully chilly. Last night was wonderful sleeping all burrowed into blankets and this morning the sun is out and glaring in but it's still nice and nippy. I'm waiting for Chef Anita to arrive.

And then I'm going to hit the road. My tires are, once again, throwing off a warning light so it's back to the Mercedes place. This might be a new issue but I'm still holding them responsible for the fix.

And then I think I might head over to West Seattle to a yarn shop there. I need something super duper soft but still pretty (not any color in the camouflage spectrum). I'm not sure there is much that meet that criteria, but I want to look. And then maybe Target or maybe not but definitely Costco.

Also today, I have a drawer project. I have two lovely deep drawers in the living room that are now full of junk. I want to empty them out and use them to house the growing yarn projects that have now come to clutter the living room. I am not happy with the clutter.

Ooops Anita just arrived. I've got to go down and get her.
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