Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Fairly productive day after all...

I sent a note to my doctor asking him if he wanted blood/lab work for Monday's checkup appointment and he responded this afternoon that he did not! The visit in May is the annual that needs all that. This little get together is to check on my emphysema and high blood pressure. Good to know!

My brother's new business website is built on Wordpress. I know zippidy doo dah about Wordpress. But, I do want to help so I asked him to let me. He asked me to fix the sorting on one of the pages. He knows way less than I do so I had to figure out where the page was and how it was built and how it was fed. I know more now and the deed it done and I'm quite proud but Wordpress is weird.

I also cleaned out the fridge and the freezer. Actually there wasn't much to clean - more rearranging. I've done a spectacular job of eating what's in there. It's in better shape now than it has been in years. And Anita will fill it up tomorrow.

I spent all yesterday working on a new (to me) pattern for a teddy bear. It was fiddly but mainly because I had never seen it before. Finally today, I got to where I could see that the end product would be and I did not like it enough to finish. I unraveled it.

I got a nice email from the waterproof earbuds people. They are sending me a new set. They don't want the broken one back. Here's hoping this set will last longer.

And I killed an hour or so looking at Medicare Advantage plans to see if I need/want to change what I have. After an hour of looking and comparing, I still have no clue. I need to figure out if/how the state is paying my Medicare bill. I cannot even get in to try before November 15. But it is on my calendar for sure.

Time to fast forward through the local news and then the national news and then watch the first of the Jeopardy Tournament of Champions week.
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