Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I finally got full internet back last night about 6 pm. What a major PIA. Comcast's speed, which is not fast on their best day, has lately fluxuated fairly wildly but yesterday it was a tiny trickle. They did report outages in my area and said they would be fixed by 5 pm so at least there was information and hope. But, I am more and more interested in this new competitor.

This morning, my internet radio had no internet when the alarm went off.  Fortunately  it does give me a tone if no wifi is available. And by the time I got back from the pool, it was working again.


At the pool, my waterproof earbuds failed. I always keep a spare and the spare worked great. Back home I checked the purchase date of this latest pair and it was October 6. WTF?? I sent a note off to the vendor - I'm pretty sure they have a 90 day warranty.


I sold my Paperwhite Kindle! Amazon won't let you sell a Paperwhite on their site. No clue why - I sold my Fire tablet there without a problem. Anyway, a week or so ago I trolled around and found a site called Glyde. I posted it there and today it sold! I will get $48 for it which is pretty reasonable, I think. I got it on sale a year or so ago for $100 I think.


My swim this morning was excellent. The pool was not crowded. I didn't have to fight for lane real estate. It was so good that I swam an extra 750 yards. All the pools are closed tomorrow :( due to Veterans Day.


No big plans today. Tomorrow is chef day and Wednesday is housecleaner day and Thursday I think I have to go in and give blood to my doctor.
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