Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Oysters, pate and catching up...

I had the very best, very French breakfast with the even better visit with unzeugmatic. It was such fun to catch up and hear his tales. He brought me the most adorable clock from my childhood. It's an actual travel clock that folds up and has a little hole to put the plug (yes, kids, it plugs in!) in. It's perfect to have by the fish bed. It's very Steven and I treasure it.

We met at a place a little over a mile from here. I walked over and took the bus about half way. The half I walked was not really uphill but definitely inclined and it was a struggle. I think my issues with uphill are maybe partially mental and the rest pulmonary. I had to stop and rest several times but I made it and was fine once I got there and sat down.

I walked the entire way coming home. It was a slow walk because of the Seahawks crowds but I did pretty well except for the last block by which time I had lost all of my steam. It was mostly downhill but it was nearly a mile so I was kind of impressed at my poor sad lungs.

Now I'm home and not quite recovered but getting there.

The internet is still very iffy but Comcast is admitting issues so it's not just me and they are working on it. And I have enough of a connection to get by and, apparently, the TV part of Comcast isn't affected so whew. It looks like CBS Sunday morning got recorded and that's the important thing.
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