Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Weird day

My swim started out fine and then went nuts. First a woman held a swimming lesson with a small boy in my lane. This is not allowed and she was told that but allowed this one time and warned to not get in the way of lap swimmers. A warning that she ignored. Then we were joined by a guy who could not get the hang of circle swimming. The lifeguard had to explain it to him 3 different times. Meanwhile I kept getting to the end of the pool, turning and finding his face right in front of mine. Kind of a shock.

Meanwhile 4 20 something guys and their squealy girlfriends landed on the pool which was really kind of packed. They hit the middle lanes. The girls stood on the sides and filmed them and squealed at them while they showed off and generally got in the way of the regulars. The lifeguards tried to reign but the battle was lost.

Finally I gave up. I had done about 3/4th of my normal swim so it wasn't a total loss. Just a weird day at the pool.

Then onto find that new eatery. I hadn't written down anything and thought I could remember but couldn't so turned around to come home and there it was. It's a cute little place. Turns out, though to have the slowest service on the planet. And mediocre food. I was finished and waiting and waiting for my bill and really started to feel not good. So I estimated my bill plus a little tip - probably way too much actually - and left cash on the table.

I got home and went to bed and slept two hours and now I feel much much better. Weird. Very weird.


I stumbled over another teddy bear pattern that looks as fun to make as mine but different. I am tempted to interrupt my current bear to try thing one but I think I'll finish this one first.
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