Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Motorola recently came out with a tiny bluetooth earbud that sits in one ear. I wanted one immediately. But, $125 seemed a bit much so I held off. Sure enough, the reveiws pretty much squashed my desire for that one but not for the idea.

And then I found this one on Amazon $15. Way more in my wheelhouse so I ordered one.  I love it. I never really got used to having earbuds in both ears tethered to something. This little sucker suits me way better. I can hear ambient sounds well while I'm listening to books, podcasts or music. The downside is that it has a flashing blue light when it's working. So not subtle. So it's really just for around the house but heck, I'm usually 'just around the house' anyway!


One of my Amazon orders is stuck in the USPS system. It's a prime order but I selected slow shipment in return for $1 off an ebook because I don't really care when I get it. But I do not want it to get lost and forgotten forever so I sent an email to Amazon and simply said I wanted a replacement and I simply asked for another $1 off a future ebook. In 5 minutes I got a reply asking me to wait until next Tuesday to see if the order gets here and here's $5 off my next order AND another $1 off an ebook.



I've been quite pleased at my early dinner experiment. It really suits me. I'm a cliche! An old lady early bird diner. Plus I'm not watching (and yelling at) the evening news while I eat. And for some reason, I'm not snacking all night after dinner.

Saturdays are a problem with breakfast. Swimming falls right in the middle of when I would like to be eating it. But, one day a week, I can deal. There's a new brunch place I want to try today after my swim.


The rest of the day, I think, will just be a quiet day at home.
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