Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Red Sky At Night

The sky is a cross between bright pink and purple. It's amazing.

One of the TV stations just posted this photo from West Seattle this afternoon.


I got my latest crochet project to the point that I know it's going to work just like I want. I need to put the finishes on it but I'm really impressed. And it's going to be toasty here in the living room this weekend.

But, the VERY big news is that the one apartment that I can see the best across the way FINALLY raised the blinds today!! Those blinds have been down for months and months and months. I only saw them up one other time when the people first moved in.

Soon the leaves will all be gone and people turn their lights on earlier and I'll have lots of great neighbor viewing!!

I nearly missed my early dinner window! I meant to eat at 4 but forgot and didn't get the pizza cooked until 4:30 but still better than usual. And the pizza was delicious.

Oh, maggots!!! He pulled down the blinds again. Sigh.
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