Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Windy... plus

The Tree That I Hate is losing leaves way before it planned to. The windstorm the other day is being matched by one today. Most of the leaves are being ripped off still green. I'm grateful for any loss I get.  These are some amazing gusts today.  The drapes that hide my storage units out on the deck are being whipped around, too.

I tried to do some different stuff at the pool today. Some more difficult stuff. When I got dressed and to the car, I started coughing and panting and that pretty much kept up for an hour or two. Even now, several hours later, I can feel the effects.  I don't know if the extra stuff I did caused the breathing issues or if it was coincidental. Guess I'll try it again and see if it happens again.

I also didn't make it from breakfast to dinner. I finally had a small bowl of cereal to tied me over. That seemed to work. I have the pizza. I'm thinking 3:30/4ish. Mainly I want to prevent eating another meal at 9 pm.

I ordered the Amazon gift cards for the pool staff today. I know it's way early but it's not like they will go stale. And I'll have plenty of time to address each and write a note on the card. My list is twice as long as last year. I'm just glad to have an easy way to say thank you to each of them.

Wow, these are some serious wind gusts. I'm sure glad I don't have to be out in it.
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