Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Miscellaneous stuff

The day was good. My old new phone is fun. The switch was easy and it's fun to have the stuff that the other one doesn't have and I don't yet miss the missing stuff. So... good.


My swim was good. The pool population was way down which was strange but nice.


The skin on my hands and arms looks like the skin of my grandmother who, when I was little, was 4580 years old. Or so I thought. She was probably 65, like me. But while old skin looked fine on her, it's really bumming me out seeing it on me.


I remembered this morning that today - November 4 - was my wedding anniversary. I can never remember the year. I thought it was 1980 but that was a Tuesday and I'm sure we didn't get married on a Tuesday. 1979 was a Sunday and that's more like it. 1978 was too early. So I'm sure it must have been 1979. So that would make our divorce - or separation actually - 1981 in January. Maybe. None of that sounds really right, though. I think the years are wrong or maybe the date. I have no way to check. I doubt my ex husband knows. If he's still alive. He would be 86 and it was not his first or his last marriage.


I keep starting new crochet projects and not finishing many. Today, in the mail, I got some really fun yarn. It's acrylic and soft and fat. The Carmex is for size comparison. So, of course, I started a new project. A high necked kind of poncho/capelet to wear while I'm watching TV and my neck gets cold. Wonder if this will get finished??

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