Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Monday swims really just are the best. Usually I don't swim on Sundays so it's extra good to get into the pool. Plus the lane divas - the problem makers - just can't seem to get out of bed early Monday morning which makes for really a very good swim. And today's was the best. The time change was a little funky. It had been dark still for the ride home but now it's daylight and way easier to maneuver the school traffic.

I got home and saw a tweet from the New York Times tech guy saying that gadget season was over for 2014. He meant that whatever was going to be announced this year had been announced already and we could quit waiting for the miracle. So it was decision time.

I want a new chrome book. A smaller one. But one with the prettiest screen possible. I'd been waiting for smaller and prettier but finally pulled the trigger on one that has a really good screen for the price and is lighter in weight than some of the smaller ones out. Oh and Amazon has it on special $50 off. Plus, since it's Amazon, if I don't like it, it goes right back.

I'm suckered into this Slow Shipping for $1 off an ebook deal that Amazon's running. So far I think I have about $15 in my Book of My Choice Bank. And the new Chromebook will be here early next week which is fine.

I gathered up all the stuff I wanted to send to my brother and took it to the post office. I had toyed with the idea of taking it yesterday while the game was on but never got around to it. And good thing. I noticed today a sign on the 24/7 self service postal area that they are now closed Sundays and holidays... kind of shoots the shit out of that 24/7 thing.

Then I stopped at Cash and Carry to price their K-cups. Turns out they are $1.50 per 48 count cheaper than Amazon. Good to know!

Anyway, chores done and now I'm home.

I have cheeses and delicious pears for lunch. Trader Joe's had some Harry and David pears last week and I bought a box (6). I ate one and it was not ripe but still kind of tasty. I put put a couple of them in a paper bag and had one yesterday and OMG. It was heaven. Today I'll have the other and move two from the fridge into the paper bag. When fruit is good there is just nothing like it. Yum.
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